The paparazzi Ready (PR) Experience is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating, inspiring, and empowering inner city youth that are at a greater disadvantaged. Our mission is achieved by collaborating with homeless shelters to identify needs, while maintaining direct involvement with those effected. Our method of donating is unlike any other non profit organization as we are the only launched Charity Boutique that allows for homeless victims to shop online (with free next day delivery) and participate in numerous pop up shops at various shelter locations free of charge. We believe that every youth should feel great about themselves despite their disadvantage and it is our pleasure to continue giving the way we would like to receive while maintaining the integrity of our donation program.

What makes The PR Experience so unique?

The PR Experience is taking their way of giving a step further by uniquely creating an online Charity Boutique so disadvantaged youth could enjoy the same shopping experience as others for items needed. Our Charity Boutique program is partially funded by our partnership with Paparazzi Ready LLC, and kind donations from individuals that support our mission.